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ShowTime: Movie Event



Activity Directors, caregivers and residents need new and engaging activities. PHOTAVIA has the solution!

Our PHOTAVIA video series, 'A Moment In Time', is a walk down memory lane as we explore iconic photographs from the LIFE Picture Collection and more. Each two-minute program features a different photo and the story behind it.


Our Newest Programming!
Your residents will love reminiscing while watching each program, taking them back to simpler times. Then, after each program, we get them involved by playing our interactive game PhoTrivia. A few simple trivia questions about the photo and its story gets your residents involved, engaged and best of all, interacting with each other!


The best part is, we do all of the work!
PHOTAVIA will come to your facility and host a ShowTime: Movie Night. We'll present our programs with PhoTrivia to your residents and even bring the snacks!  Our hour-long program will be fun, interactive and provide plenty of discussion between you and your residents. Your residents become the realtime, real life highlight reel.

What if we’re not in Wisconsin?
How about a virtual version of our ShowTime: Movie Event! Whether you are across the country or on the opposite side of the planet, we can deliver a show for you via Zoom or Facebook Live. Please fill out the form below and in the last box marked “Please give us more details” tell us where you are and what you would like to do! We will do our best to accommodate you. 


To schedule a ShowTime: Movie Event at your facility simply fill out the form below or contact us directly. For a sample of our "A Moment In Time" series, go to

Pricing: $200-$300* (1-2 PHOTAVIA Team onsite!)
*Ask us how to get a show for free!


Photavia V-Clips© are built on the iconic imagery of The LIFE Picture Collection©

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