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Australian fingerstyle guitarist Gabriel Andrews

"Music and artists are very interesting to us moving forward

as we begin to develop our mini-documentary library."

Music is an important part of the PHOTAVIA experience.
We are always looking for new talent that is interested in supporting our mission and contributing to our productions. 


We want to create an outlet for "mood changing music and musicians”. This type of music may be mostly thought of as instrumental, with that said, that instrument can be guitar, piano, trumpet, drum or voice. The style can be classical or jazz, reggae, traditional, world or trance - and everything in between. We are certainly very open to artistic interpretation.


Original Music Productions and more

Below are a couple of our objectives of PHOTAVIA's Musical arm:
-Release full-length versions of the music found in the “PHOTAVIA: Sound track of A Moment in Time Series”.

-Sign Artists to non-exclusive agreements to record and/or publish 

-Concerts/Tours of PHOTAVIA Artist Series: Service provided to Care Facilities around the country


An open invitation from our President and music director:

We are building a company that currently creates two minute videos called V-Clips© that are engaging, educational, calming, and even anxiety relieving. There will be new videos and other programming but the "A Moment in Time" Series is the focus now. We are utilizing this series of V-Clips in healthcare situations from hospitals and waiting rooms to home caregiving environments and memory care centers. Our focus with senior living, assisted living, elderly care, memory care and those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s has been quite amazing to this point.

We are looking for international musicians that are interested in collaborating to change environments and introduce their art to potentially very many new audiences. The international artists/musicians we are currently working with have ties to us locally here in the Greater Milwaukee area. Two of our original artists we met through a relationship with the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee internationally known finger style guitar program but we are hoping to create more global relationships moving forward. 

If you or you think another artist you might know would be interested please share this page with them. Fill out the form below and please send a link to any samples or websites. 

You can view samples of our short films at

Thanks in advance for your time. We envision our content and your music playing all around the world along with some of the most iconic photographs/art and backstories of all time. We would love to have you along for the ride on this mission.


To better living through imagery - and music!

Joe Hausch

President/CEO/Interim Music Director


PHOTAVIA Music Application
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