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Photavia is entertainment content that goes above and beyond, and one which can be delivered specifically to your needs and budget.

PHOTAVIA® can be delivered at home, in businesses, in housing communities and in retail or schools. With nearly a dozen ways to access Photavia's content, and technology allowing almost daily new opportunities, we are confident we have solutions for you. 

Our ‘A Moment In Time’™ series of V-Clips™, are hybrid two-minute video documentaries based on photographs mainly curated from the iconic and artistic LIFE Magazine/The LIFE Picture Collection, with original music beds, and soothing educational narratives. ‘The A Moment in Time’ series explores a wide range of subject matter and a diverse cross-section of historical and artistic impressions featuring familiar, classic photographic images from the 20th century and their backstories. These multi-media narratives are being usefully employed in environments where there is an opportunity to provide uplifting, soothing, or simply joyful exposure to art. 

Photavia can be enjoyed on most any digital screen and delivered in numerous ways, depending on your location requirements.

For the Home Caregiver environment Photavia is available by Subscription, at www.PHOTAVIA.TV


For communal areas in senior and assisted living, memory care or hospitality environments Photavia can delivered via:

  • Installation of commercial grade video-player equipment. Content is loaded on individual units that are installed onsite - an easy installation plug and play solution with updated content every 6 months.


For multi-screen/multi-user senior or assisted living, memory care, hospital, or hospitality environments Photavia can delivered via:

  • Wide Area Access - Provided through your existing cable provider/black channel. This is an ideal solution for Institutional settings.

  • Direct to Screen via web connection with WiFi. Combined with community room access via video-player, this solution allows for incremental use within your location or facility.

Photavia is available directly from Photavia, and a growing number of Licensed Content Distributors, Re-Seller Service Providers, and Affiliates. To make Photavia available and accessible in your facility to your residents and patients, waiting rooms or hospitality settings, contact our marketing department, at

Photavia is actively seeking qualified organizations to be licensed content distributors, resellers, or affiliate partners.  For more information on the opportunities available contact our marketing director at


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