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Industry Applications /Waiting Areas

"There are enough Judge Shows, Game Shows and Soap Operas that are just annoying and visual pollution. PHOTAVIA is a different and stimulating solution." 

Industry Applications

Auto dealerships, train stations, bus stations, theaters, airports, DMV centers or anywhere that people have to wait. PHOTAVIA can add a breath of fresh air that is appropriate for any and all audiences. Our private network offers hybrid programming tailored to industry specific uses as well.


“Hustle and bustle” define airports, train stations and other transportation hubs. PHOTAVIA allows the momentary break. PHOTAVIA allows choice. PHOTAVIA lets people decompress.


While customers sit and relax and wait for their car in the service department, or for the next available salesperson, they can actually watch and listen to content that is interesting and not irritating. PHOTAVIA programming also ensures competitors ads aren’t on advertising "better deals" than your dealership is offering. As with it is in many industries, high turnover rates in customers is an issue. Keep their attention on your business with additional sales tools that don’t need to be reprinted and reloaded to the waiting area, with electronic messages in rotation within the programming - is a real win. PHOTAVIA Creative Services can create custom advertising content that will add to your potential sales by reminding viewers of tire upgrades, free monthly car washes or free lifetime oil changes.   INQUIRE HERE!

Photavia V-Clips© are built on the iconic imagery of The LIFE Picture Collection©

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