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"PhotaviaED supplements the curriculum and
offers a mental
Brain Break." 

Christine Schultz

Christine Schultz M. Ed.
Director of PhotaviaED

"PHOTAVIA has the ability to engage and effectively educate in less than two minutes. It's magic."

– Joe Hausch, President/CEO 


In the spring of 2022, PHOTAVIA® was invited to participate in a National Science Foundation (NSF) program called I-Corps (Innovation-Corp). The outcome from this program supported the launching of our newest division, PhotaviaED designed for early-adolescent to adult learners.

Curriculum Content

PhotaviaED™ features a curated collection of nearly 300 mini-documentaries titled “A Moment In Time”™. We call these videos V-Clips™, and leverage images from The LIFE Picture Collection™  among others. This series is a highly engaging curriculum complement. With a wide variety of categories and subject matter, our V-Clips™ are a powerful supplement for many subjects from history and Language Arts, to photography and filmmaking. When accompanied by the “A Moment In Time”™ ToolKit: Activity and Guide Book, the experience can be expanded to a mini-lesson.  


Additionally, PhotaviaED’s interactive program, PhoTrivia™, offers hybrid V-Clips™ complete with trivia relative to the image and content embedded within these mini-documentaries. 



PhotaviaED™ is currently investing in the study of our V-Clips’ calming and redirecting effects. Used as a mental Brain Break, PhotaviaED can support attention, retention, and anxiety reduction. The text with voice-over is non-agitating. V-clips are enhanced by original finger-style guitar. This creates a positive, pleasant and artful viewing experience. Each V-Clip is a precision tool whenever learners require a reset, an integration period within the context of instruction. Whether it’s applied to individuals or groups, PhotaviaED not only sets a tone, it also invokes discussion and active engagement.  


Universal Design for Learning

PhotaviaED™ understands and is informed by integrative settings and Universal Design for Learning, an initiative being implemented in schools and districts across the country. PhotaviaED’s set of tools has been developed with Universal Design’s guiding principles in mind. Whether a school subscribes to UDL or not, PhotaviaED is available to support integrated classrooms. 


Is PhotaviaED the Next EdTech Unicorn?

"The growth in the number of EdTech unicorns can be partly attributed to the impact of COVID-19. EdTech entrepreneurs have sensed the opportunity presented by learners requiring an increased amount of time online. Platforms that help students and adults follow courses, receive tuition, and learn new skills have proliferated."


Our hypothesis, which was confirmed in the NSF program, was “How  important is student engagement?” With the launch of our new division, we’re exploring opportunities that we believe could make PhotaviaED a next EdTech Unicorn.

If you are interested in learning about how you can become a member of our team of test pilots, please contact Christine Schultz, Director of Education at PhotaviaED.

Phone: 262.339.2027 or email at

Photavia V-Clips© are built on the iconic imagery of The LIFE Picture Collection

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