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"Creating a special environment is key in the hospitality industry. First impressions
last and PHOTAVIA pings memories and
creates them."

PHOTAVIA is perfect in the hospitality world.

You work hard to carefully create the perfect atmosphere and environment for your customers - some serene, some invigorating.  Even in an open atmosphere you don’t want random TV noise to ruin it. PHOTAVIA® allows you to craft an atmosphere of relaxed enjoyment your customers
will appreciate.


“I saw how important this was going to be to the hospitality industry in less than two minutes. PHOTAVIA® is what we have been looking for to differentiate us from the competition...”

–Shozib Khan,
 Award Winning GM,
 formerly of Crowne Plaza Hotel, Milwaukee, WI










PHOTAVIA debuted at the Hilton Garden Inn,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October 2015.

Photavia V-Clips© are built on the iconic imagery of
The LIFE Picture Collection©

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