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Photavia V-Clips are built on the iconic imagery of The LIFE Picture Collection

PHOTAVIA ToolKit Cover

PHOTAVIA® creates time relevant, all-inclusive media experiences via art, part video experience and part education, with a strong and developing neuroscience focus premised on how pleasant thoughts invoked by visual memory triggers can be of therapeutic benefit to sufferers of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD, among others.


Our ‘A Moment In Time’ series of V-Clips, two-minute video shorts with original music beds and soothing, educational narratives are being usefully employed in environments where there is an opportunity to provide uplifting, soothing, or simply joyful exposure to art. 
Caregivers whom have utilized Photavia media have expressed benefits that have included:


•Stress Reduction                            

•Improved Emotional States, Moods, and Attitudes                            •Personal Engagement 

•Decreased Isolation                        

•Reductions in Supervisory Staff Time affording
 Increased One on One Time


The G-rated nature of Photavia V-Clips, makes them ideal for most any generation and inter-generational viewing.  When accompanied by the Photavia ToolKit - ‘A Moment In Time’ Series Activity and Guide Book, V-Clips™ become a more engaging and educational tool for individual and group settings, adding an additional layer of fun, interest, and entertainment to the experience.

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