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The Science

"The science behind PHOTAVIA triggered by a special combination of music, memory and imagery is something we are just beginning to explore…"
Roger Anunsen
Faculty - Gerontology, Portland Community College
Co-Founder Mindramp Consulting


Nostalgia can reduce perception of pain, study shows

By Lauren Kent, CNN

Updated 1:40 PM ET, Monday, March 28, 2022

Preface by Roger Anunsen:

Don’t wait for brain science to find you.  Find out it works and try it.  PHOTAVIA has something special.  This unique combination of imagery, music and much more that can help your brain move in the right direction for good.

Your brain will thank you for investing a few minutes sampling some of the many articles and scientific studies that support the structure and elements of PHOTAVIA's "A Moment in Time" Series.

JNeuroscii Logo_edited.jpg

Thalamocortical mechanisms for nostalgia-induced analgesia

Ming Zhang (张明), Ziyan Yang (杨紫嫣), Jiahui Zhong, Yuqi Zhang, Xiaomin Lin, Huajian Cai (蔡华检) and Yazhuo Kong

Journal of Neuroscience 1 March 2022

At Home Care

The power of PHOTAVIA as a life enrichment tool, cognitive enhancement and engagement program and how it completes the continuum of care is still being explored. What we are finding is true across the board; what that is is PHOTAVIA can help people at many different cognitive levels, creating Reminisce with relevance!


Visit  PHOTAVIA.TV to find more about Photavia at home, and how you too can enjoy the benefits, and joy of our products.

Photavia V-Clips© are built on the iconic imagery of The LIFE Picture Collection©

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