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PHOTAVIA produces G-rated video shorts that engage, educate, and create entertaining experiences between caregivers and their loved ones. Visual memory triggers await.
Photavia V-Clips© are built on the iconic imagery of The LIFE Picture Collection©

Bridgewater Performance
Bridgewater Buildout
Welcome to MKE
A Moment in Time Trailer
Memory Mining Intro
Photavia Trailer

PHOTAVIA is a tool that offers an experience that is equal parts

Interesting. Calming. Unifying. Educating. Healing.

"One of the key challenges — and opportunities — in teaching history today is using digital technology to help us learn from the past." 

Dr. J. Patrick Mullins,
Assistant Professor of History at
Marquette University

"Photavia is a vehicle that can be used to bring people together, to share common experiences, rekindle memories and to forge new associations or friendships. The human connection can not be discounted.” 

Robyn Glick Jensen

Caregiver/SL Center Owner/Not-for-Profit Executive, Retired

“The patient’s attention is focused on Photavia programming rather than focused on pain, which aids in recovery.”

Allen Stasiewski MS, RN, RRT

Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

Former Director, Service Quality Department

"PHOTAVIA can make an activity director’s life easier because it’s another tool that we didn’t have before and it’s something really different.


Sometimes when a resident’s having a difficult day if we take them and sit them down and we can center them on PHOTAVIA it can help reduce the need to give them a drug to settle them down." 

Pat Durham
Life Enrichment Director at

Heritage Deer Creek, New Berlin, WI

"I remember seeing my very first V-Clip, and seeing the picture of the sailor kissing the nurse. I remember seeing that picture a thousand times before, but it had never been curated for me before. After that one V-Clip I saw the others, and all of a sudden, here we have historical moments in time that were coming to life and it provided an experience where it was almost intentionally rewarding, it was okay to pause for a couple of minutes and watch and observe TV without it being a waste of time. It was also technologically driven, because here was something that we have seen in print, and it was digital now, and it was coming to life.” 

Shozib Kahn

Former General Manager,

The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Milwaukee, WI

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