VJ Day in Times Square was the first V-Clip produced by Photavia. This photograph is considered one of the most iconic images of all time.
Photavia Trailer: Explains quickly how our programming can be a great caregiving tool and a solution for all the visual pollution on the airwaves.
Intro to Photavia

"One of the key challenges — and opportunities — in teaching history today is using digital technology to help us learn from the past." 

Dr. J. Patrick Mullins,
Assistant Professor of History at
Marquette University

"PHOTAVIA can make an activity director’s life easier because it’s another tool that we didn’t have before and it’s something really different.

Pat Durham
Life Enrichment Director at

Heritage Deer Creek, New Berlin, WI

“The patient’s attention is focused on Photavia programming rather than focused on pain,
which aids in recovery.”

Allen Stasiewski MS, RN, RRT

Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

Former Director, Service Quality Department

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