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March 4, 2021
PHOTAVIA Ready to Premier New "A Moment in Time" Series Content.   

"Stay tuned!" says President/CEO Joe Hausch of PHOTAVIA as plans for the release of the new content to subscribers of www.PHOTAVIA.TV and to current Senior Living communities that feature this lifelong learning tool in their facilities is announced.


"We have been working very hard on completing this new batch of V-Clips© and we are excited to get feedback on these new titles." said Director of Content, Mark Winter. " We have a lot of new content slated for this year including the introduction of PhoTrivia and the "ToolKit" to many more markets." 

"March Fo(u)rth was a great day to announce our new content and taking this huge leap forward nearly doubling our existing titles," says Hausch, "many of the new titles will make it on to PHOTAVIA.TV over the next few weeks." 50 new titles will be available to existing and new clients beginning in April.

Our "A Moment In Time" series of V-Clips, two-minute video shorts with original music beds and soothing, educational narratives are being usefully employed in environments where there is an opportunity to provide uplifting, soothing, or simply joyful exposure to art. 

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